Bad efflorescence on exterior walls is another issue we regularly receive messages about in Surrey and London. This can look ugly and mask other serious issues. So call Surrey Jet Washing and get your home in Epsom, Surrey or London assessed today.

The problem with clearing the calcium deposits Is finding a solution which solves the issue over the long term. Customers from Surrey and London often inform us that the issue comes back after a cold pressure wash.

The Problem

First of all, it is key to communicate with the customer. Find out as much information as possible about the problem. Find out how long the issue has been there, any solutions they’ve tried, leaking guttering or pipes, age of house and so on.

In this case you can see the efflorescence is next to the downpipe and guttering, therefore, it is likely that this is the cause of the calcium deposits. First step is to fix the guttering, this will fix the long-term issue. A 28% hydrochloric acid should then be carefully applied according to the labels requirements and the technician using appropriate PPE. Once thoroughly cleaned and removed a product called efflorescence control can be used to prevent further issues. Although, you should manage the expectations with the customer, and let them know the problem can return. Although, you will do all you can to remove it permanently.


Bad efflorescence can be removed by a exterior cleaning professional such as Surrey Jet Washing, who cover Epsom, Surrey, London and Kent. Communicate with the customer, find the problem, find the most suitable solution such as 28% hydrochloric acid, and try and prevent the return. This should be carried out by an expert with appropriate PPE. Call Surrey Jet Washing today to fix your bad efflorescence in Surrey, London, or Kent.