Batteries deteriorate over time, and one side effect is they often release their battery acid; often on driveways. Leaving motors with batteries on the driveway can therefore, cause battery acid to leak onto the driveway. As seen on the featured image, it causes quite a lot of damage. This was the consequence of leaving a golf buggy on the driveway.  

Fortunately, there is a resolution to remove the battery acid stain from the driveway; Using a rust removal product, such as smelly gel.  

Smelly gel 

Smelly gel is a product specifically designed for the removal of rust from driveways. It was invented to be a non-intrusive way of rust removal. A lot of homeowners are unaware of such products, and never clear the rust from their patios, driveways or pathways.  

How to use 

As always, clear the area prior to use. Ensure any children, pets or plants are not nearby. Remove all vehicles, furniture etc. Nearby. This is it to avoid any accidently damage. Once clear, put on your PPE, to ensure personal safety.  

Apply the smelly gel product and leave to penetrate for 15 minutes. Following this, rinse down with your usual tap water. There may be some rust still present on the driveway following the first treatment. Therefore, repeat the process until the rust is fully removed. Please note, to only apply to the affected area.  

Once fully removed, jet wash the area as usual. Allow the area to dry before using as usual. See the below pictures for before and after the use of smelly gel.

Smelly Gel Before Smelly Gel After


If your driveway, patio or pathway has stains from battery acid use smelly gel. Apply generously to the affected area and repeat if necessary. Ensure the area is clear before application and adequate PPE is used. Following the treatment, jet wash the area as usual. As always, contact Surrey Jet Washing for further advice and support.