There are several different types of bins in Epsom and Ewell. We will go through them all here to remove the confusion for everyone. The bins include: the black refuse bins, mixed recycling bins, food waste bins, glass recycling box, textiles, and garden waste bins. The bins are collected from 6:30am on collection day.

Black Refuse Bin

The black refuse bin is for everything that cannot be recycled; minus good which need special disposal such as chemical and clinical waste. Refuse is collected every week in Epsom, although this can be subject to change. These bins can become very dirty, remember to jet wash clean them regularly.

Green Mixed Recycling Bins

The green bin is for the recycling of paper, card, plastic bottles, pots, tubs, and trays. Please remember not to include plastic bags, and other recycling products. Further, these bins are recycled every week by the local council. Although less prone to dirt comparatively to the black bins, they still require regular jet wash cleaning to deter pests.

Green Food Waste Caddy

The small green bins are for food waste. Although, if needed you can put the food waste into plastic bags. The food bins are collected once a week by Epsom & Ewell council.  Although, these are very prone to dirt and make attractive propositions for local foxes. Call Surrey Jet Washing to get them cleaned out regularly.

Glass Recycling Box

The green box is simply just for glass bottles and jars only. Collected once a week. They also require frequent cleans.

Textiles Recycling

Any clothing, shoes or accessories are to be put into a clear, sealed, and labelled bag. These are collected weekly by Epsom and Ewell Council.

Brown Garden Waste

The brown bins are for garden waste, including, grass, branches, and leaves. Therefore, are essential during the summer months. Further, these bins are collected every fortnight.

In summary, the 6 types of bins offered by Epsom & Ewell council have been covered. Please refer to Epsom & Ewell council website for further details on collections and fees, as they may be subject to change. These bins are magnets for dirt and grime, so make sure you book these in for regular cleans with Surrey Jet Washing.