Driveway Cleaning

We’ve completed a range of Driveway Cleaning. All the driveways we’ve worked on are found on our blog. Restoring your driveways, brings pride back to your home. Driveways are often the first thing you see, but often neglected. If you have any questions or advice give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. 

Block Paving Cleaned

One of the most common driveways are block paving. These are beautiful driveways which need regular cleaning and sanding to keep them looking there best. Seal them for extra longevity. Learn more about them on our blog page.


Crazy Paving Cleaned

Another Beautiful and Colourful Choice of Driveway is Crazy Paving. Years of use can cause the colours to dull. Surrey Jet Washing can give them a clean to restore there beauty.