Surrey Jet Washing recently finished a driveway jet wash and re-sand job in New Malden, close to Krispy Kreme Donuts. The job was a standard jet wash and re-sand of 30m² block paving. The customer job was sub-contracted from a local building company who was reconstructing the whole front of the house following a major incident, more. A driver had lost consciousness and drive another 100 metres before ploughing into the homeowner’s car then into the house, demolishing the whole front of the house and living room in the process.

As a relatively small and routine job, 6 hours was set aside over 2 days to complete it. A wheel away Kiam KM3400p 420cc pressure washer was used providing 15 lpm of power, along with hypo mix and kiln dried sand.

Meet and Greet

Before starting, we introduced ourselves to the consumer and let them know what was happening. Including, the jet wash and re-sand; as well as the estimated time and detergents used. We also outlined what we needed from the consumer, included use of their water supply for the pressure washers pump. The equipment was then set up being respectful of the public and water supply attached to the pressure washer


Jet Wash

Once set up, the driveway was giving a preliminary wash with the turbo nozzle to remove the surface dirt and grime. Following this, a soft-wash pre-treatment and biocide using the chemical injector on the pump. The surface cleaner was attached and used thoroughly from the top of the driveway down, providing a thorough clean. Another washer down is done to remove all the uplifted dirt and grime using the turbo nozzle. Missed spots of dirty blocks, and grass between the paving is the focus, ensuring it’s all removed from the drive. A hypo soft wash mix is then applied throughout the block paving. Then a final rinse down to remove the final bits of dirt and grime. The equipment is then packed up and customer informed.


The re-sand can only be done if the driveway is completely dry. If the weather has been clear and dry for 24 hours you can return to re-sand the driveway. The re-sand is important as it stabilises the paving, improves the appearance and restrict weed growth. Before starting, a leaf blower is used to remove any debris that has blown on overnight. A 25kg bag of kiln dried sand is then cut open and placed over the driveway. Using a soft-medium bristle brush the sand is swept evenly between the blocks moving from the top down. Once completed any left over is swept up and bagged, along with any dirty then has made its way onto the public pathway. The customer is then informed and then their approval given. That completes the driveway jet wash and re-sand job in New Malden, thus, everything can be packed up for another day.