Graffiti removal is another common request from our customers.  Graffiti in Surrey is ugly and often contains graphic profanity, which ruins your daily experience. Therefore, we are pleased to assist in removing graffiti throughout Surrey, London, Epsom, and other areas. Due to the paints used and the hard surface they are applied to, specialist chemicals are needed to assist removal.

How to Remove Graffiti from a Hard Surface

As aforementioned there are many different hard surfaces and inks which are used when graffiti is found. Therefore, an effective strategy must be presented. It is also key to keep any chemical use to a minimum due to its effects on the environment. Therefore, the first port of call would be to inspect the hard surface and check if it can withstand pressure washing. If it can then attempt to pressure wash the paint off with just water, starting at low pressure then increasing if needed until the paint will come off; but stopping, if damage will occur.


Graffiti Remover

Often the graffiti is stubborn. Therefore, the correct chemical must be used when removing graffiti in Surrey, London or anywhere else in the U.K. There are many search results for graffiti removers, we choose one which is deep penetrating and fast acting; thus, allowing the job to be completed efficiently (source).  Once chosen the correct graffiti remover, use a spray bottle to apply to the hard surface, allow the chemical to work for 5 to 10 minutes and then use a high-pressure washer or jet washer to blast away the graffiti. Re-apply if particularly stubborn.

Shadow Remover

Once graffiti is removed it can leave a ‘shadow’. Therefore, the next step is to apply a shadow remover. Shadow remover includes paint strippers as well as bleaching element; therefore, use PPE. Choose the correct shadow remover, apply a low diluted solution and apply. Start with a weak mix to ensure the brickwork behind the graffiti is not lightened as to ruin the appearance of the hard surface. As a surface can look bad even after the graffiti is removed because the wall is lightened too much compared to the rest of the surface. Once applied wash off and re-apply if needed.


The removal of graffiti in Surrey entails analysis of the hard surface, high pressure washing and chemicals if required. These chemicals are graffiti removers and shadow remover. As always use adequate PPE and do spot testing to ensure no negative reactions will incur. Use your judgement to ensure the surface is not excessively lightened. The final result, being the hard surface back to its original condition; or better condition.


Always use a trained specialist in graffiti removal such as Surrey Jet Washing. Get in touch.