Another popular job that our customers in Surrey ask us is gravestone cleaning. These clearly are specialists’ job which need to go to a specialist exterior cleaning company. These gravestones present huge sentimental value to our local customers. Therefore, must be cleaned with the care and attention they deserve. These gravestones are made of a different type of rock and the lettering must be carefully considered.

 Different Types of Rock

The most popular gravestone material is, marble, slate, and granite (source). Also, some less common rock types include gabbro, sandstone markers. Although, mainly plutonic rocks. The type of rock is important for washing, including importance in understanding their properties. Therefore, ensuring their longevity. Like any hard surface, they face the elements, and such will attract, dirt, grime, and moss. Therefore, will need a thorough professional clean.


Cleaning Gravestones

After carefully analysing the gravestone, including current condition, any damage, amount of dirt. The right cleaning approach to get the gravestone looking as good as possible. The most effective technique is usually to wet the stone, spray a diluted mix of sodium hypochlorite, let the mix penetrate and uproot the dirt and grime, then using a hard brush carefully scrub, then use low pressure on your pressure washer to remove the dirt, give the gravestone a wipe down and should look as good as new. If the gravestone or lettering use any ink or need a less intrusive solution, consider a TFR mix; or even just water and no chemicals. Although, with the caveat to always do a spot test before spraying a mix on the whole gravestone, and as always to use correct PPE.


A quick write up on gravestone cleaning in Surrey. Always consult a specialist before conducting gravestone cleaning and if you are local give Surrey Jet Washing a message for help or support.