Here are several gutter vacuum camera solutions to help you with your gutter jobs. If you don’t want to pay the sky-high prices of some branded camera vacuum kits we’ve got some alternatives for you.

Do you need a camera for gutter cleaning?

From personal experience gutter cleaning throughout Surrey and London, I have found that a camera is necessary for several reasons.

  1. Keep customers happy. This steps your service to the next level; it shows that you are a professional, goes the extra mile for customers (especially if you can provide a video).
  2. To check for any damage. Customers may make complaints if there any issues further down the line. Therefore, if you can provide a video which shows the condition of the gutter during the clean and can pick up any issues with the guttering.
  3. Most importantly, ensure you have cleared all the gutter and haven’t missed any organic matter or debris.

In sum, it is found that a gutter camera is needed as a professional gutter cleaner.

Gutter Vacuum Cameras

There are several options for those seeking a DIY vacuum kit, also some professionals opt for a less technical solution. Although, it Is very popular to buy ‘off the shelf’ branded camera kits, they can exceed £500. This is a high price for some in the industry.

The most common DIY solution is to use a go-pro or ‘action camera’. Buy a standard ‘action camera’ online, connect it to your usual mobile. They usually have free applications to connect them together. You may also need to buy a micro-SD card for inside the action camera to allow recording. To attach the action camera to the polls you can buy the attachment for handlebars, using a clamp the same save as your gutter vacuum poles you can then attach them together. To then attach your phone to the poles to survey the gutters you can use a large handlebar camera mount shown, such as shown in figure 1. A mobile phone wrist strap is another option.

Phone holder for bike

A less common option is to use a corded endoscope. Due to its size, you can attach to your poles using a strong tape. The cable can then be inserted straight to your mobile. You can then attach your phone to the pole the same way as highlighted above. Although, much smaller, a key disadvantage is its cord. This can be troublesome when regularly changing pole sizes and can tangle.

Those gutter cleaning professionals less technically inclined provide another solution. A car rear view mirror mounted to the pole. This allows the gutter cleaning technician to survey the area and ensure all the area Is cleared. This is a low cost and can be less troublesome. Although, issues 1 and 2 above are not resolved.


In summary, we have found 3 gutter vacuum camera solutions, action camera, endoscope, and rear-view mirror. These provide alternative solutions to the ready-made gutter camera kits which can exceed £500. If you need your gutters cleaned in Surrey or London contact Surrey Jet Washing.