Mossy Tarmac

Remove moss from tarmac with Surrey Jet Washings 3-step process. Tarmac makes a great attractive and functional choice for driveways, although, they attract unsightly moss, lichen, and algae. This is due to the large surface area because of its rough nature. Therefore, the surface retains moisture and provides protection for moss growth. Fortunately, with the right tools and expertise this job can be tackled this effectively. Surrey Jet Washing will provide you with the 3-step process of: preparation, jet wash, and aftercare.


2 weeks prior to the jet wash brush using a wire brooms to remove dirt and loose growth. The advantage of the wire broom is that it gets into the pits of the tarmac efficiently. Once this has been cleaned, apply an effective weed killer we recommend a benzalkonium chloride based bac50 due to its effectiveness over shop bought moss killers. Although, if no treatment is applied, the moss problem could be exasperated as you would be merely spreading the pores.

Jet Wash

Once all the moss is dead, you can proceed to jet wash the area. For the tarmac, the most effective tool will be the surface cleaner. Another specialist treatment will be applied 15 minutes before the jet wash, such as batiface. Then attach the wide fan nozzle and reduce the pressure on your jet washer; ideally with 21-30lpm capability. As the extra water, flushes the mess moss, lichen, and algae away with their pores. Go slow with the surface cleaner, then use the lance to wash away as usual. The two aforementioned steps will get kill all unwanted growth on your tarmac and have it close to its original colour.


Once washed away clean all the dirt and grime that has accumulated then once dried treat with a biocide. Surrey Jet Washing recommend a concentrated moss and algae killer, thus preventing future moss growth. Remember, not to wash away the post-wash biocide, let it soak into the tarmac. To reduce the need for more frequent jet washing, the driveway should be kept clean and face as much direct sunlight. Once clean, apply a new coat of moss killer.

In sum, the 3-steps remove the moss, algae and lichens from your tarmac leaving it in a like new condition. Although, periodical aftercare should be conducted to restrict future growth. More, it will be natural for moss to return after time as the moss is blown onto the tarmac from foliage. The time it will take to return depends on a number of factors outlined previously. To effectively reduce moss on your tarmac call an expert such as Surrey Jet Washing, as specialist knowledge and equipment is needed.