This article will provide a short guide on Indian sandstone rust removal. Indian Sandstone is a very popular choice of natural stone often used on patios, outdoor dining areas, pathways and driveways throughout Surrey. Like all hard surfaces they require regular maintenance, such as a thorough jet wash to remove all the dirt and grime. Although, rust stains very often still appear present.

Why Rust Stains Appear

Rust stains are notoriously hard to remove without damaging the surface, as we found they often appear on Indian sandstone. The rust stains occur because of metals furniture, such as chairs, benches, tables, or barbecues. They are left on top of the Indian sandstone, whereby the furniture is left to the elements. The water then washes the iron particles onto the pavers which then leave a rust stain.

How To remove the Rust

To conduct Indian sandstone rust removal, obtain the correct product. There are a number of products which claim to remove the rust from Indian sandstone. And over the years we have tried a number of them, we thoroughly recommend Smelly Gel Pro; it is a professional grade product therefore please consult with an expert before using. Especially important is to use appropriate PPE. We recommend this product because it is not caustic, therefore, zero risk of damaging the surface. Whilst also being PH neutral, and most importantly giving the best results.

First of all, thoroughly clean the Indian sandstone using a jet wash (pressure washer) to remove all the dirt and grime. Then leave the surface to dry. Once dry, apply a generous mount of the product neat. Once applied, do not leave to dry and reapply if the surface appears to be going dry. Then leave to stand for between 10 minutes for light staining and up to 2 hours for heavy staining. Reapply if required. Then wash away with lots of clean water.  On occasion, there may be some temporary staining; Although, this will fade over the following 48 hours.


This article provided a quick guide on Indian sandstone rust removal. Rust stains occurs due to the reaction of iron deposits and water. The Indian sandstone is a popular natural stone from India. To remove the rust stains clean the area, allow to dry, apply smelly gel pro as instructed then wash away with clean water. As the product is a professional product, please consult your local jet washing company such as Surrey Jet Washing.