Your driveway or patio needs a thorough clean after years of neglect, not only does it look unattractive, but it can be dangerous and cause long term damage. Therefore, we recommend you clean your driveway once a year. Thus, ensuring it stays in amazing condition. We are going to provide expert tips and hints on cleaning your driveaway.

There are three stages: planning, jet washing, and aftercare. Finding that, conducting each stage effectively will leave your driveway looking amazing for years. Read on to find out how to jet wash your drive in Epsom, with a 7-step process.


You have noticed your driveways or patio is covered in dirt and grime, spots of algae, lichens, liverworts, and moss. These all make your driveway ugly and a possible slip hazard. We are going to cover surrey jet washings 7-step process to leaving your driveway like new.

Firstly, find out what sort of driveway do you have; there are many different driveways, each with individual needs. There are 7 main driveway types, resin-bound, Indian-stone, gravel and stone, block paving, asphalt or tarmac, brick and cobblestone, stamper or pattern imprinted driveways.

Here at surrey jet washing we have worked on every type of these driveways and found that each should be treated very differently, in the coming blogs we will be tackling every one of these specifically. Once you have identified the type of driveway you have, create a plan on how you will rejuvenate the driveway. We recommend a 7-step process, sweep and area preparation, soft wash pre-treatment, surface clean, primary rinse down, hypo soft wash mix, final rinse down, finally the clean up.

Research found that conducting each of these steps comprehensively can tackle even the dirtiest of driveways. Therefore, make sure you have a jet washer with a lance and ideally a surface cleaner, cleaning detergents, brush and shovel.

Jet Washing

Surrey Jet Washing start with a quick brush and weed removal to tackle any large overgrowth. We also assess any damage that needs addressing or to be considered to reduce further damage. This is followed by a quick wash down. Following this, a soft wash pre-treatment is applied if the drive is particularly dirty, the pre-wash penetrates the dirt and lifts it from the hard surface. You can leave this to soak for anywhere between 10-30 minutes, the chemicals we recommend to use will be discusses in further episodes of our blog. Once this has soaked it, we use the surface washer to uplift the years of dirt and grime that accumulated.

You can get affordable attachments for your domestic washers, which are not has powerful as the industrial diesel pressure washer SJW use, but it will still be effective. Use the surface cleaner in a ‘figure of 8’ motion to cover large areas quickly and efficiently, working from the top down.

Once all this dirt and grime has been uplifted use the lance; we recommend the turbo lance for speed. Once connected use the lance in a sweeping motion to direct the dirt downhill, ensuring to cover every inch of the driveway. When completed, another hypo-soft wash mix is applied; if you are short on time or the driveway is already clean you can skip the next 2 steps. The hypo mix is a more thorough bleach-based cleaning product combined with a foaming detergent which is applied to the hard surface. This can tackle even the worst of driveways. Once this has soaked in for the recommended 10-30 minutes, use the aforementioned lance with a turbo nozzle in a sweeping motion directing the dirt downhill.

Once the drive has been thoroughly cleaned and the dirt directed off the driveway.  Employ good practice and sweep and bag any dirt that has been accumulated, this is ethical and ensure the dirt doesn’t settle. We also give the public path in front of the driveway a clean to give it that finishing touch. Remember the time it takes to complete depends on several factors including the size of the drive, the equipment used and the effectiveness of the cleaning products.


After executing the jet washing, and the drive is dry you can commence the re-sanding and resealing if applicable. The advantage of the re-sanding is that it makes the area more presentable filling any small cracks or gaps that have formed, such as those between the blocks. Further, the resealing protects the drive from dirt penetrating and algae growth, so must be considered, as it is a worth while investment in a lot of circumstances.

These topics will be discussed further in our blog, so stay tuned.

It is natural that weeds or grass growth may occur following the clean, as small seeds fall onto the driveway, these should be removed and treated with weed killer as soon as they are noticed. This will keep the drive looking beautiful for years to come. We further recommend that a yearly jet wash should be conducted on your driveway in Epsom. If you ever need further help or support, get in contact with us here