Leaking behind gutters is a common issue with clogged and/or damaged gutters. We receive many messages and calls from our customers throughout Epsom, Surrey and South London about their gutters leaking behind, between the gutter and house.

Blocked Gutters causing Leaking behind Gutters

We have covered the common causes of blockages in our previous blogs. The blockages are the number one reasons for leaking behind gutters, which Surrey Jet Washing can clear for you. The number 2 reasons for leaking behind gutters is inadequate gutters.

Damaged Gutters Causing Leaks behind Gutters

If your gutters are leaking or damaged call a professional such as Surrey Jet Washing to get your gutters repaired with a 12-month guarantee. Common issue with water running off behind the gutters is that the brackets have broken. This causes the gutters to lean towards the house, therefore, when it rains the water runs off towards the house. To repair this issue the gutter will need to be straightened, reinforced and new brackets installed (source). However, If this issue persists then there may be issues with the design of the gutters, more. A new design will need to be made.


Leaking behind gutters is a common issue Surrey Jet Washing have experienced from customers throughout Epsom, Surrey, and South London. More, we found that it is due to blocked gutters or damaged gutters. Call Surrey Jet Washing to get this fixed with a 12 month Guarantee.