Another recent job by Surrey Jet Washing was a PVC roof and gutter clean in Coulsdon. A customer had contacted our business number on 07458307139 to see if we could provide a quick quote for an a.s.a.p. job. We then requested a few pictures or short video to be sent via WhatsApp, we could then provide an accurate quote. The quote was sent over within the house. As the customer wanted the job done urgently, we were thankful to find a Friday afternoon slot.

The customer was very frustrated with the leaves which had fallen onto the PVC roofing. Which is a common issue during the autumn months. Although, a problem we are very happy to help our customers with.

Meet and Greet

First thing to do is introduce yourself, with the mask on to be covid-19 secure. Have a thorough look at the issue and communicate with the customer what we will do. Also, let them know any limitations and extent to which the area will be cleaned, thus, managing expectations. The equipment is then removed from the van which includes, step ladder, roof/gutter scrapper, soft bristle telescopic brush, TRF, bucket and rubbish bag.


Roof Clean

The step ladder was set up safely and securely close to the PVC roof. The correct adapter for the roof scrapper was then attached. The roof was then scrapped of all leaves, moss and other debris and placed into the rubbish bag; ensuring all dirt is removed. Once the debris was removed, the hose was attached to the telescopic pole and brush and placed into a bucket of approximately 150ml of TRF. Once the brush had been adequately covered in degreaser, the PVC roofing was scrubbed clean ensuring all stubborn grime had been removed. Leaving a spotless finish.

Gutter Clean

Following the roof clean, the gutter was cleaned. The correct adapter for the gutter size was attached. The ladder was then placed at the end of the guttering. Once on top of the ladder, the gutter was scrapped for all the leaves, moss, and any other grime. The waste was then put into the waste bag. A final scrub with the telescopic pole and brush with TRF was then conducted. Leaving the gutter clean and debris free.

I informed the customer of what was done and then requested they check to ensure they are happy. Once the customer was satisfied everything was put back into its original place. Another successful PVC roof clean and gutter clean in Coulsdon and another happy customer.