Permeable suds paving systems need re-jointing after cleaning. Although, they look like block paving, they serve a different purpose. As part of their special purpose, they require granite chipping instead. They serve the same purpose as standard block paving, to bring stability and strength to the paving as whole with an added feature, they help manage the water flow more efficiently.

Many exterior cleaners make the mistake and treat them the same as block paving, and re sand after cleaning. This can create issues as they should be differently.

What are permeable suds paving?

Permeable suds and other improve the waterflow of the paving area, slowing down the release of the water into the local water systems. These may be installed due to flood risks or other recommendations by local grounds workers. Traditional block paving quickly releases water which can create issues if there are flood or other water risks.

The permeable concrete blocks used for suds paving can be identified by the distinctive offset nibs and 6mm joints.

Permeable Suds Paving

The specially adapted sub-base contains higher void spaces which permits more water to be stored, more. It acts like a sponge. Eventually become similar to a ‘reservoir’, which then slowly releases water at a more manageable rate (source).

Therefore, sand isn’t used because it doesn’t store water efficiently and releases the water too quickly.

What material to re-joint Suds?

Following a jet washing clean or just over a prolonged period, the joints will come void of its original material. Therefore, to ensure the correct function and aesthetics of the paving area a suds compatible material is used.

The choice of material should be a course, no-fines aggregate, which is very similar or identical to the laying course material. Therefore, there is a wide selection of aggregate to choose from, more. A clean hard crushed stone between 1-4mm can be used. To fill the empty joints brush the stones into the joints using a broom, a vibrating plate compactor can then be used to fill the joints to the bottom.


Once a suds surface is identified, jet wash as any hard surface. Although, when re-jointing permeable suds paving use clean hard crushed stone to fill the gaps. This ensures the strength and stability of the surface; whilst also allowing efficient water flow of the driveway or patio. Always consult your local jet washing expert, such as Surrey Jet Washing.