There are several types of driveways in Epsom. The 7 most common types of driveways in Epsom are resin-bound, Indian-stone, stone and gravel, block paving, asphalt or tarmac, brick and cobblestone, and stamped or pattern imprinted driveways. If you live in a single-family home in Epsom, you are most likely to have a driveway. Each type has their own uses.

Resin-bound Driveways

Resin-bound driveways make an attractive, long lasting, and durable surface. The costs of these driveways vary on the size, quality of material and location.

Indian-Stone Driveways

A less common driveway is the Indian stone; typically, a patio flagstone in Epsom, but laid in the right way make beautiful driveways.

Stone and Gravel Driveways

Stone and Gravel driveways make the perfect choice for those wishing to deter criminals, and they can be jet washed.

Block Paving

Another popular choice in Epsom is the hard wearing and attractive block paving. With the bonus being it can be jet washed easily. They also lasting a long time and be repaired easily, making it another great choice.

Asphalt or Tarmac

Asphalt is Popular the public roads in Epsom. Homeowners find Asphalt highly durable and weather resistant. Whilst also being easy to install and providing great long-term value for money, although they are more difficult to jet wash.

Brick and Cobblestone

The classic cobblestone driveways are always popular in Epsom. The small blocks of natural stone are hard wearing, and beautiful whilst also being easy to repair. These brick and cobblestone driveways will last you many years with regular maintenance of jet washing, re-sanding and resealing.

Pattern Imprinted Driveway

One of the least common driveways in Epsom are pattern imprinted driveways. these are strong and can be installed quickly, whilst also being resilient against weeds and algae. Although they are prone to cracking and are difficult to repair. They also require specialist jet washing from an expert to clean and maintain.

In summary, there are seven main types of driveways in Epsom. Each has their own uses and require regular maintenance from a specialist jet washing company.