Dirty Roof and Gutter

Homeowners in Surrey often ask me ‘when should I clean my gutters?’. The answer depends on how often your gutters will be congested with debris. Generally, most customers get their gutters cleaned once a year after the autumn leaves have fallen, but before the coldest winter months. As the cold weather puts the most pressure on your guttering systems. With the intermittent freezing and thawing of water and debris causing excessive wear to the gutters and brackets. Although, when there is not a problem, homeowners often forget they are there or be aware that they need maintenance.

The previous blog concluded that without regular maintenance you could be facing expensive repair bills. What is more, some home insurance policies are null and void without regular gutter cleaning. We advise a gutter clean up to 4 times a year. Although, it depends on the foliage and weather conditions.

Foliage Near your Home

Deciduous trees close to your home causes leaves to be blown onto your roof. As it rains, these leaves disintegrate and work their ways into the guttering system. Therefore, if you have deciduous trees such as ash, beech, or birch near your home you may need more frequent gutter cleaning. Conversely, if they are evergreen trees, you may need it conducted less often. Also, if you have moss covering your roof you may need to clean your gutter an extra time throughout the year.

Weather Conditions

If the weather has been bad you may need a more regular gutter clean. As the leaves, moss and foliage on the roof runs off into the gutters especially during severe weather conditions. This is due to the weather disturbing nearby trees and other foliage, with the natural materials landing on the roof. More, the rain, wind, hail etc. will cause the foliage to settle into the gutters and turn them into an obstructive mush. Therefore, you may want to book in for a gutter clean if bad weather is coming to avoid any expensive repair work. Also, after severe weather get booked in to clean your gutter.

In sum, we advise a regular gutter clean at least once a year; if your home has no moss or deciduous trees close by. Conversely, if your roof is covered in moss with deciduous trees close by clean your gutters at least twice a year. More, if the weather has been particularly bad you can double the frequency. If you need help getting your gutters cleaned, or need a free assessment call Surrey Jet Washing.